Noodler’s Ink

I finally got some good watercolor brushes today (well, decent anyway, I’m not good enough for the really good ones). I bought two smaller ones to use for inking as shown here. I’m using waterproof ink, so theoretically when I begin watercoloring there will be no smudges. Theoretically.

This has been a fun experiment so far.

Black Hammer

Currently, my favorite comic series is Lemire’s Black Hammer (and all of its spinoffs). I’ve been practicing sketching the characters and can almost do them from memory now… but not quite. Here’s a practice sketch on watercolor paper I’m going to try coloring. Wish me luck.

You Can’t Get a Suntan on the Moon…but I Wouldn’t Mind a Holiday There…

Listening to a little L&R today, obv.

I’ve been quiet here, but slowly working on a couple of projects, including some interior painting in my studio, a zine for the local bookstore (links in sidebar), and the thing I’m having most fun with: creating my own comic universe. It’s a lot of work, but it’s been pretty cool filling a notebook with the ideas that are coming to mind.

My poor book is not dead, it is merely pining for the fjords at the moment.


I’ve been messing about with some art and have decided to try a couple comic cover recreations so I can practice penciling, inking, and watercolors. I picked a couple of Black Hammer covers to try. All freehand, no rulers, lightboxes, or tracing.

I’m not great at art, but I think a lot of that has to do with lack of practice. I guess we’ll see. I’m not going for a perfect replica, just practicing and seeing if I can develop a style of some sort.

Well that de-escalated quickly

So the election is ongoing even though it’s already over except for the crying (and whining and complaining, etc). As for me, the month has not gone as expected, but I’m working on it. Did some sketches for the comic universe I’m messing about with and am having fun with that, creating a few characters and cultivating story germs that should be fun to try if I get that far. The art is probably going to be sloppy, but you have to start somewhere. As long as it’s fun, I’ll keep chugging along.