Zines, art, holidays, etc

I’ve been keeping busy despite lack of posts recently. I’ve been working on the comic zine (yes, still) and art in the creative department. In the spirit of Inktober, I do want to try drawing/painting one thing per day for a while. Here are the two from yesterday and today. The first is Ice Cream Man (Image comic) and the second is Venom The Duck (Marvel Contest of Champions mobile game character).

Image Comics Ice Cream Man
Venom The Duck – Contest of Champions

Store Bought

Do people still use this term? I’m listening to ‘Mean Eyed Cat’ by Johnny Cash and he mentions his gal buying ‘store bought catfood’. This term was still relatively common when I was a kid back in the 70’s and 80’s. Half of my relatives lived out in the country (we did too, but were much closer to the city) and anything bought ‘in town’ was usually ‘store bought’ as opposed to whatever alternative they had come up with on the farm or ranch. Similar terms might include ‘fancy pants’ and ‘city slicker’ in Montana. Aside from the bigger cities in MT, the population is (or was) very rural and most of the time, the country folk would rather have nothing to do with the cities and if they felt anything about them it would be unease or distrust, hence the slightly implied derogatory nature of the term.

On the creative front, this weekend is Zine weekend so let’s see how that goes.

Weird Characters

I’m having a lot of fun (finally) creating a new comic universe. I want it to be populated with weird, but more importantly interesting characters. The world building is still in process, actually still in its infancy, meaning I still need to create a bunch of characters as well as a good chunk of the places, though I do have a nice start on that already as well as the over-arching plot. I’ve got a big notebook that has nothing but prototype sketches of possible characters, most of them which I will never use, like this guy: The Mouth. I’m doing this not only for world building purposes, but I really need the practice to shake the rust off.

The Unbearable Slowness of Inking

It’s probably because I’m not very experienced, but inking these two pieces is taking forever. Plus I’ve obviously not found my confident ink lines yet because I’m too afraid of making a mistake. I guess that’s what practice is for. Once this is inked, they’ll both be ready for watercolors, but that will need to wait for tomorrow so that they are both completely dry. That will give me time to start formatting the zine in InDesign, hopefully later today but we’ll see.

Both of these pieces are really too heavily inked, I think.

Black Hammer Inked

In using this piece to practice my brush strokes since I’ve always used nibs in the past instead of brushes. It’s a lot different and hard to get used to, but I like the look better. It’s a lot easier to make a mess, which I did, but white-out covered the worst spots and the colors should take care of the other smudges (we’ll see). You can see how the right side is messier than the left due to me working right to left).

I’ll color after it dries, meanwhile am going to ink another piece. Actually, after looking, I might add some more ink to Talky Walky.

Noodler’s Ink

I finally got some good watercolor brushes today (well, decent anyway, I’m not good enough for the really good ones). I bought two smaller ones to use for inking as shown here. I’m using waterproof ink, so theoretically when I begin watercoloring there will be no smudges. Theoretically.

This has been a fun experiment so far.

Black Hammer

Currently, my favorite comic series is Lemire’s Black Hammer (and all of its spinoffs). I’ve been practicing sketching the characters and can almost do them from memory now… but not quite. Here’s a practice sketch on watercolor paper I’m going to try coloring. Wish me luck.