I’m going to make an effort to begin daily posting again. My energy is beginning to return and I’ve been thinking about creative endeavors once again (finally). After a particularly long fallow period, my mind has once again allowed me to start thinking about the book again.

But that’s not what this post is about.

Since my self-imposed isolation a couple of months ago, I’ve shied away from all social media save Twitter and Instagram. Today I accidentally tapped a LinkedIn notification banner, opening the app for the first time in probably months.

I hate LinkedIn. It carries with it the stench of corporate America and brings back a lot of bad memories of the last two years spent at my job under Evil Corp, Inc. A lot of rah, rah cheer-leading and salesmanship. Do you want to go to an ERP or EDI conference?

Yeah, neither do I.

So, while I will be taking the rest of 2020 to observe, work on my mental well-being, and pursue creative projects, I will also be ruminating on what to do on the job front after the first of the year (still Covid-19 dependent at this point, I imagine). After looking at LinkedIn for under two minutes, I am more determined than ever to find something as far away from that sector as possible.

One thing I can say for that website…one visit was all that it took to put me back in the headspace that made me want to write Mycelium Network in the first place. All of that bleak, blah-bitty-blah corporate speak is enough to send me running to the hills.

No offense to my friends working their asses off for places like that…I just can’t do it anymore.

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