The Return of Writer’s Brain

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but my headspace is pointing towards writing again as my brain begins to thaw from the big freeze of the last three months. I haven’t necessarily been focused on writing par se, but as I’ve been getting out of the house more, I’m beginning to think more about my book, the upcoming Inktober and NaNoWriMo events taking place in October and November and with full knowledge that I am taking the rest of the year off in order to focus on creative endeavors. I have lost enough damn time to various crises that 2020 has seen fit to pitch at me and I’m ready to go….finally ready like I was feeling and executing back in January and February.

Other projects await: a fanzine of some shape/form/fashion for my LCS (local comic shop for you non-nerds), work on adapting one of my short stories to graphic novel form, and maybe the most fun of all: working on art projects to support the other various endeavors. While (to me) writing is the most fulfilling thing I do, art is what I have the most fun doing (aside from my comic hobby, which I’ve had for 40+ years now, it’s not going anywhere). I also really need to get a mailing out for my APA. It’s been almost a year since I’ve cobbled an issue of Nemesis together. Issue 6 is nearly complete, I just need to get moving and do it.

Many more posts to come in the future as I decide how to handle Facebook (or lack thereof). I imagine I’ll end up using the website->FB functionality.

Shown here is the ‘pre-final’ version of the mythical Nemesis 6. It is literally taped together like a gradeschool project. This is just to be sure to eliminate production errors like misplaced and misaligned pages, spelling and punctuation problems, missing/incorrect/wrong sized art, etc. Once the errors have been identified and corrected in inDesign, I print out one copy, put it all together, and do a final proofing before printing and ‘binding’.

Also: No, there was not actually any chloroform in that bottle yesterday.

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