I often wonder what animals think when we humans do various things. For example, I recently acquired a utility cart for my studio with a flat top that I can use as a sort of mobile workstation. It’s pretty heavy duty and has wheels which is super handy. I use it every day, but the first time the cat walked into the room and saw me pushing the cart, the look on his face was similar to what you might see on mine if I saw a positive political ad.

Anyway, I haven’t written much here lately but have been busy. About half of the art supplies that I need for various projects are here and the rest to arrive in the next couple of days. Went into Prescott today and took some reference photos of various buildings to use as practice in perspective and watercolor studies and bought the biggest bag of comics in I don’t know how long. Lots of good stuff, including my favorite new series Skull Digger and Skeleton Boy.

So upcoming projects include two watercolor paintings I’ve been wanting to get to forever, the comic page, a zine for Peregrine Comics, a new comic universe of my own creation, and probably most importantly: finishing up the Mycelium Network. November is just around the corner and in the past that has been by far my most productive month of the year and I don’t see why this year should be any different.

Pictured are the new paints from Daniel Smith, hand poured in Oregon. Can’t wait to use them!

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