Even Moar Lost Time, Hospital Stay

It seems the phenomenon of losing time has continued right into 2021. So many things to do and lack of focus to work on any one of them with any intensity. Some of that was due to a severe case of dehydration I experienced a couple weeks back that landed me in the hospital for four days. Seems extreme to me, but that’s how dehydrated I was and it took four full days of IV to take care of it. No kidney damage, but it wasn’t far off, apparently. I might write more about that sometime, but that day is not today.

Some of my lack of focus definitely stems from going through my collection to start funding my comic habit by selling off extra inventory that has been boxed up for years. I have a lot of stuff and the amount of cool things tends to distract (it also makes it hard to sell, but I digress). I’ve only listed three auctions thus far, but that is three more than I’ve done in the past five years, so it’s a start.

Other projects in progress: Disparia comic book (nearly ready for initial layouts after world-building and story-crafting), possible YouTube channel (still working on channel theme ideas, a recording space, and plan), reorganizing my modern storage area due to running out of space, which will also affect my weird fiction library space and hardcover bookcases. My reorganizing work is never done.

I talked to a good friend of mine for the first time in months who is laid up with Covid back east. Get better, Teresa! I hope my crew is doing well (Dave, Mike, Tom, and family (Dawg, Suzeanne and all the rest). Sorry for the incommunicado, but y’all know how I roll by now when my brain gets fuzzy. Y’all have a weird friend, is all I can say.

I’ll try to update here more often. Like Spider-Man Noir says “Where I go, the wind follows…and the wind smells like rain.”

It only works if you say it in Nicholas Cage’s voice.

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