Lost Time…a personal story

I was so excited for Inktober (the same kind of excited that I usually get, cool exterior, but beneath the surface, feet paddling like a duck). Anyway, imagine my surprise when it clicked in my brain that October had already started….and not just today or yesterday but two days ago. When I was designing the Inktober page, I should’ve already been focusing on art, but for some reason my brain was stuck two weeks ago and hadn’t seemed to have moved a minute.

I guess I’m a bit unmoored not having a schedule that is required when one has even a part-time job, let alone a full-time position. I suppose I should do the right thing and begin scheduling my days with the things I want to eventually get done, otherwise I’ll just fritter and waste my hours in an offhand way just like Mr. Floyd and before you know it I’ll be getting a job.

Anyway, my Inktober has now officially begun and I hope to quickly catch up. I have an idea for a theme that will incorporate the word-a-day suggestions for the event, but will have to see if that’s what I proceed with. I will include any further details on the Inktober page.

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