I haven’t gone back and looked, but it’s been two or three months since I dropped off the face of the planet and holed up in my studio. While my methods may not always be pretty, it allowed me to break free of Facebook and cut back on the others (Twitter, Instagram). Now I’ve got to see if I can delve back into the platform again…or if I even want to.

The good news is that I feel like I want to say things again and this place will do just as fine as any to host any of those thoughts. Not as many viewers as on Facebook, but it’s never been about an audience for me…it’s more about the recording of history and telling of a story.

Sorry, nothing Inktober related to post yet, but I did work on the outline of my project; this needed to be done before beginning the actual drawings. Yes, I’m behind, but that’s ok. Hopefully nobody expects Vermeer or Rembrandt because my talent level is more Picasso channeled through a 12 year old.

I’m starting to miss my friends, which is a good sign that I’m pulling through whatever the last three or so months was all about. Hopefully I haven’t been disowned by all of them at this point. Life doesn’t get any easier as you get older, kids. In my case at least it’s gotten infinitely more complicated and weird.

Gotta go. Those socks aren’t going to order themselves from Amazon.

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