three shades of dirt

Maybe the smartest thing I’ve done this year is choose the right color of hiking/running shoe for Arizona. Including a chocolate brown base, the shoe is highlighted with two different shades of dirt, helpful in masking most signs of accumulation to the naked eye. The shoes are of the wide based variety to go with my abnormal feet.

The bluejays have gotten demanding. Have I written of those crazy bastards yet? My sponge is full and I have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast lately let alone what I have actually posted and what I have merely thought about posting. Most of my conversations are of the imaginary sort as of late and I have trouble distinguishing things that I have actually done and things I only thought about in a laconic way.

Now that the fog is lifting (assuming that’s what this is about), I’m hoping to embrace the weirdness that continues to infest 2020 because if it’s not painfully obvious to anyone by now, this shit is just going to keep on going so you might as well strap in with me and ride it out.

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