Down With the Sickness

Lost two more days, but this time it wasn’t some ethereal slippage of time as has been the case as of late. No, I was lucky enough to acquire what was either an intestinal bug or food poisoning (leaning towards the former) and spent the better part of the weekend up against the porcelain god. Had my first coffee in three days this morning and was able to eat half an egg.

I don’t have time for this, but I guess it is what it is. When you can’t do anything for more than ten minutes without getting exhausted, then there’s not much choice in the matter. What I DID manage to do was get four boxes of comics opened up and checked in that I got in the mail Saturday and they just sat unopened for two days. You know I’m in piss-poor shape if I can’t dig into a box of four color treasures. This batch included a bunch of Kindt and Lemire stuff, mostly variant covers that I didn’t already have.

That’s it for now kids. Be kind to someone today.

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