The Complications of Proceeding Through Time in a Linear Fashion

This may not apply to everyone, but certainly applies to me and likely several people I know. As one ages, one discovers (rather quickly these days) that the world is a big and complicated place. When you start to zoom down in on the people that populate the planet, all of those peculiarities and complications are magnified. It’s a wonder that our race gets a thing done given how fractured the society has become.

There are so many lenses through which to view the world and the owners of those lenses, in large part, will ridicule you for wearing a different type of lens. It’s all ridiculous and I’m tired of it. It’s my goal to see things in an unfiltered manner. A big problem is that even when you do that, as you age, you have a plethora of input, tons of information, much of it often conflicting even in your own head, even after experiencing it in person (are you familiar with the phrase ‘garbage in-garbage out?’. An equally worse problem is the fracturing of society and the extremes people will go to see that their side ‘wins’. Today’s society is stimulus overkill and I can see us proceeding to the world of Blade Runner before it’s all over.

Apologies to one of my comic heroes, but Steve Ditko’s Mr. A got it wrong. There is no black and there is no white, there is only gray.


Clint Says it all

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