Borat For to Make Grate Success Moviefilm. Again.

I can’t believe these particular words are going to come out of my mouth, but the new Borat sequel is a pretty genius piece of film-making. The writing is what drove the film, despite the fact that much of it was improvised on the spot. But some of the most genius moments of the whole thing were the real people that Baron Cohen’s character interacted with. If the scene in the church doesn’t take you from completely laughing your ass off to tearing up a little bit, then this probably isn’t the review for you. But if you know me, then you’d probably find something to like about the film. It’s safe to say if you disliked the first Borat movie, then you have no business seeing this one. For maybe the first ten or fifteen minutes I violently disagreed with his having such a prominent (and young) co-star because I felt she was taking away from his natural abilities, but I apologize for that hear and now because she was a brilliant actress and did things that I cannot imagine anyone doing with a completely straight face. Just astonishing. I haven’t laughed this hard in quite a while.

The movie had some controversial scenes and the one with Giuliani astonished me. I’ll say nothing here but I can’t believe that really nothing much at all was said about it. I never saw Rudy as much more than a mouthpiece for whomever needed one, but he just seems like a real creeper now.

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